Black Clover Episode 58~ Review

Black clover --- episode 58 review

                                          (Spoilers ahead be warned………)
Source: Black Clover Episode 58
From the previous episode we have seen our hero’s going to the witches forest to rescue Vanessa and to cure Asta’s  arm but when they get there they see vanessa lying unconscious . 

In this episode we find Asta’s group trying desperately to convince the witch queen to heal him but at the same moment tragedy strikes as both diamond kingdom shining generals and the eye of the midnight sun troops approach and the queen gets nervous as she admits she does not have enough strength or man power(women power here lol) to defend her land

Source: Black Clover Episode 58
On hearing this Asta summons his sword and hits his arms with it in-order to break the curse in his arms (his swords have anti magic in them duh!) but the magic (curse) has penetrated too deep so can’t really help in the situation but upon seeing the sword and few convincing speeches by Noelle the queen agrees and heals him instantly but we can sense that there is an ulterior motive to her choice and with his arms being cured Asta runs off to fight the Eye of the Midnight Sun (lead by lady Fana and a pervy commander lol), when they meet head on with intensity in their eyes the episode closes and we only wish the impending battle to be a fearsome and hopefully with a satisfying finishing move by Asta

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Source: Black Clover Episode 58

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